5 Things to Take Note Of:


We survived Monday! Hooray for that!

It’s been a cloudy couple days here in the Hamptons- such a bummer after we had a stunning weekend with abundant sunshine. My friend flew in from Germany on Friday night and a bunch of the girls and I headed over to Tutto Il Giorno for dinner. For the first time I tried a French martini -I totally recommend it!- instead of my usual Moscow Mule. For dinner, we all went the same route and ordered the Paccheri which is pasta with a neapolitan-style beef ragu. So delicious, even if it was a bit of an indulgence for a summer dinner choice. We ended our night by sharing the cheesecake which is perfect for splitting between people if you don’t want to feel too guilty about ordering it!

On Saturday Pierre the Goldendoodle and I headed over to our favorite beach for a bit. Later on we went over to my friend’s place to have a BBQ – we have a tradition of assembling lots of appetizers (like hummus & carrots, salmon spread & pita chips, etc), BBQ-ing chicken sausage, and making yummy summer-friendly salads. Such a simple meal, and so delicious- it never gets old for our summer dinner get-togethers! After dinner we headed over to our favorite spot to dance the night away.

It was the first true beach weekend we’ve had this summer, so here’s to hoping that there are many more to come and that this cloudy weather disappears quickly.

For now… here are some good reads. Enjoy!

Take Note Of:

  1. Set yourself up for an awesome week- here’s how
  2. Check out these women who are #winning
  3. It’s s’mores season, y’all. Have all the fun, without the flame with this recipe for s’mores dip (how genius! I might have to make this tonight)
  4. Why women will always swoon over the Birkin
  5. Currently #homeenvy-ing over these nautical rooms
  6. This navy stripe skirt is so darling, and oh-so affordable. It’s definitely a must have!




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