The Perfect Fix For A Rainy Day… 5 Darling Rain Coats

What a complete bummer this weekend has turned out to be! I suppose you could say that we’re a bit spoiled here in New York after last weekend was just so gorgeous- it was the first weekend that was perfect for spending some quality time at the beach, after all. I thought that perhaps we’d luck out with just a bit of clouds and no rain but as I was horseback riding this afternoon, I felt the rain drops begin…shortly after my ride was over, it began to pour (what perfect timing!).
             I’ve been on the hunt for a great rain coat for a while now- something that’s classic (of course), a bit fun,  and completely 150% dependable to keep me dry in a downpour. It turns out that there are a ton of darling rain coats out there that fit my idea of a perfect rain coat. How’s a girl to decide on just one?
The Perfect Fix For A Rainy Day... 5 Darling Rain Coats

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