5 Things…To Take Note Of


Pierre when he smells my chili cooking…RUN!

I have a massive, massive confession.

This morning, I thought that I had seen a flake or two but it was right before 11am (when I have my second coffee cup of the day) so I figured I was just seeing things. I poured myself another cup and went on with my day.

Then this afternoon, I was running around the village and soon enough it started to snow. Not just one flake. Not just two flakes. A lot, a lot of flakes. This time I was most definitely not seeing things. Right away, I felt the need to run to the grocery store and stock up on soup and other cold-weather food essentials.

So this is where my confession comes into play: as soon as the first cold-spell occurs, I begin to eat like it’s nobody’s business. You would think that I was a bear preparing to hibernate…but oh no, I just love to make soups & chilis & homemade breads & roasted chicken & roasted pork, etc.. After stocking up earlier today, I decided to start off making one of my favorites: turkey chili (recipe to be added later!). As if that wasn’t enough, I decided that in the spirit of Pumpkin Spice Season I ought to make a pumpkin-y dessert…see bonus #6 for the recipe I based my truffles on. So good.

Alrighty, time to finish eating my chili, change into my pj’s, and get back to work!


  1. Good to know this time of year: why leaves change color
  2. Stumbled upon this article which proves that a minimal wardrobe can (and does) work
  3. Not exactly new news: I love J.Crew, but they’ve created a beast out of me…here’s why
  4. Is that PSL really worth it? (No)
  5. It’s not even Halloween yet, but I’m very excited about my second annual coastal-themed Christmas tree. Currently checking out ornaments by West Elm
  6. BONUS round: what to eat if you feel disappointed by Starbuck’s altered PSL…(but actually, I never really liked those lattes anyway)

5 Things…To Take Note Of


1. I’m the first to admit I’m such a klutz…thankfully, if I ever drop my iPhone in Pierre’s water bowl again there’s a simple solution to save the day

2. One thing I love more than chocolate: goals. <-This tool is excellent.

3. Call me honey, call me sugar….but please don’t call me pumpkin [spice].

4. Started shopping for holiday apparel… J.Crew Factory has the hook-up: option a (black and blue and gorgeous all over), option b (traditional lumber Jackie gone to a holiday office party), and option c (super simple – to be worn with a fitted ruffly silk blouse)

5. I stumbled upon this awesome travel site...what a fun idea!

5 Things…To Take Note Of

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 7.54.53 AM

Cheers to the first full week of October beginning today! After work on Friday, I ventured into the city for a weekend full of F & F (family and friends) time.

When I arrived in the city Friday evening, I spent time with my brother, his girlfriend, and a couple other people. We had a fantastic steak dinner at my brother’s apartment and we spent the remainder of the evening unwinding from the week. I rarely go out on Friday nights because I’m usually exhausted from the week, so having a low-key night at my brother’s place was the perfect compromise.

I was supposed to participate in a run with a group of friends on Saturday (see #1 below), but due to extremely poor weather conditions that run was cancelled. We had to postpone participating until 2016 but at least we didn’t have to run in the rain, cold temps, and wind! Since the run was cancelled, Saturday morning was a continuation of Friday night’s low-key energy. I decided to meet up with one of my friends from junior high/high school and we had brunch at where else but The Smith! (Surprise, surprise? Not at all) I’ll admit- I was extremely tempted by the Salmon Benedict and the Blueberry Waffles that The Smith has ha on their breakfast/lunch menu, but after indulging by eating a heavy steak dinner the night prior I chose to order an omelette. It turned out to be the perfect energy-booster on a cold and dreary day!

Later on I met up with a friend for dinner. I’d never been to the East End Kitchen before, so I was thrilled to try out a new restaurant. I absolutely adored the simple yet sophisticated decor of the restaurant, and the food was just delicious. I’ve already added it to my list of restaurants that I love in NYC! I ended up staying in the city an extra night, and left the city after having a late breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien on Sunday morning.

Sunday was a continuation of a mix of friends and family- the clouds cleared by the time I got to my father’s home, which was perfect timing for our rather new weekly routine of tennis practice. Sadly, despite the fact that the clouds had cleared (for the most part), the wind lingered from the storm so our practice was cut a bit short. Later on I spent time with more family, since a relative was in town from out-of-state – then I headed back out east just in time to welcome a dear friend visiting from Germany.

I’ve said it so many times, to so many people- the autumn out here is by far my favorite time of the year. Besides the beautiful scenery, the energy in town changes completely from hipping-and-hopping to being absolutely cozy. One of my favorite restaurants, Tutto il Giorno, is a perfect example of this. In the summer, it’s very difficult – if not impossible – to drop in for dinner, as there is usually a long wait. The front of the restaurant, where the bar is, is usually bustling with people who are having a drink before dinner or with people who are waiting for their table. Last night though, the girls and I were able to drop in and be seated at one of my favorite intimate corner tables without having to wait. Perfect! The girls and I indulged in pasta (their Paccheri is unbelievable), veggies galore (oh my BRUSSEL SPROUTS!), cheesecake and good conversation (of course). It was the ideal ending to a weekend of being here, there, and everywhere.

5 Things…To Take Note Of

  1. I was so excited to run this (last Saturday), but it was cancelled- now I can’t wait to run it in 2016!
  2. Shopping for gifts for a certain someone and this, this and this from West Elm caught my eye (monogrammable!)
  3. Chelsea boots + a bit of leopard = LOVE
  4. This is pure brilliance.
  5. …and last but not least, if I won the lottery this is how I’d spend a chunk of it

Gift Ideas from The Little Market

A couple nights ago, I was doing my nightly check of Instagram when I stumbled upon a post with incredible salad spoons (see below) from The Little Market. Immediately following that, I decided to check out their website to see what other goodies were available and what this company was all about.

As it turns out, one of the stars, Lauren Conrad, of a tv show (The Hills) that turned into my guilty obsession in high school has been doing big things since the show ended. LC, as she’s commonly referred to, has partnered with Hannah Skvarla to found the company, The Little Market (love this name). The Little Market seeks to “empower women artisans to rise above poverty and support their families”- read more here.

Now, how incredible is that?

 As it turns out, there are so many beautiful pieces that make great gifts (for others, or even for yourself!)

Under $75


Seaside Round Platter


French Blue Tall Glass Pitcher

Under $50

Large-Twisted-Servers-The-Little-MarketTwisted Wood Salad Servers, Large


Ombre Scarf, Blue

Under $25

Pomegranate-Candle-_The-Little-MarketSoy Blend Candle, Pomegranate

blue-rectangle-trays-the-little-marketRectangle Hand Painted Floral Tray, Turquoise



5 Things…To Take Note Of:


  1. Autumn means it’s time for duck boots! I’m loving these and these and these (I have a similar pair from last year that I wore at least twice a week!) Not only are they great for rain and snow, but they’re super toasty.
  2. A great rainy day DIY activity…I’ll admit, even though some people go ga-ga for tassels I have never really understood the craze around them. This ottoman is just too darling, though.
  3. I’ve been trying to get friends together for a camping trip, but (shamefully) I’ve never gone camping anyplace other than my own backyard. Thankfully, this article from The Everygirl simplifies the planning process.
  4. Halloween is just over a month away, and I still have no idea what to be…I’ll be looking through this slideshow & brainstorming costumes this weekend!
  5. One of my favorite sites for gifts- Mixbook.com– is currently have a Friends & Family sale for 40% off!

5 Little Notes…on All-Nighters

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 7.59.52 AM

Happy Weekend!

This week turned into a blur- After creating a serious to-do list on Sunday night, I felt completely prepared for the week. I knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish by the week’s end, and I knew the priority of each. I have to say though, as much as I was prepared to throw myself into my work and get started, random things kept coming up. By Wednesday, I knew that I’d have to stay up late to play a game of catch up or else I’d feel unsettled going into this weekend.

This game of “catch up” isn’t quite new to me, but it’s been a while since I’ve played it. Specifically in college, I remember venturing with my roommate down to the university’s 24 hr. market to pick up coffee flavored ice cream and other snacks to rev up my energy levels to get work done. Now of course I know that sugar is definitely a no-no for being productive late at night; for me it’d often result in a crash around 1am.

After playing “catch up” in college, I can confidently say that I’ve learned a couple things:

  1. Music is my friend. Back in college, I used to listen to a group called Owl City because I found them to be energizing- now I have a long playlist of super upbeat 90’s music that often has me dancing while sitting at my desk! Even if I feel my energy levels slipping, I know I can rely on that playlist to boost my spirits and productivity levels.
  2. High sugar snacks are a big no-no! My roommate used to snack on goldfish or oreos, and I used to devour nearly an entire pint of ice cream…and then a couple hours later I’d be falling asleep at my desk. There’s nothing quite as disappointing as waking up super early in the morning only to realize a project is still unfinished. When I have a late night craving, I often resort to nuts or a tablespoon of Sunflower Seed butter. Both options provide a boost of energy from the protein, and never leave me conked out at my desk.
  3. Even if I create a to-do list with the most enthusiasm about getting each and every task done, life can (and often does) throw curve balls. It can just take a subway diversion or (in my case this week!) a stalled car battery before your entire day is thrown off! That is why I remember that it’s important to prioritize my to-do lists. I’ll typically write down each task I need and/or hope to get done for the week, and then number each one in order of priority. That way, even if the line at Starbucks is extra long or even if an appointment runs late I can feel satisfied with getting the most important things done.
  4. Lights, lights, lights. Since I don’t have an official “office’ (one day!), I often work in a section of my basement. Our basement is not finished (also one day!) and we have a lot of overhead lighting…which is definitely not helpful for having a power hour at midnight. To help combat this problem, I’ve brought several table lamps down to my work area to brighten things up.
  5. Know when it’s time….to hit the lights, and hit the sack. As much as I think these games of “catch up” as vital to my overall feeling of satisfaction at the end of the week, I also know that a good night’s sleep is crucial to the success of the next day. Even after I have a small handful of nuts, or I have a two minute dance party down in my basement I try to be as mindful as possible of when my energy levels are really falling. By sleeping right, I know I’m setting myself up for a good next-day so I will turn off the lights and head up to my bedroom if I know my energy levels are sloping down and plateauing out.



5 Things…to Take Note Of:

IMG_7872Is it just me, or did these first two weeks of September fly by? I remember being shocked that August was coming to an end and that September was around the corner- I suppose you could say that the chill in the air brought my attention to the fact that the official beginning of fall is just days away!

Now that the chaos of a very social summer is out of the way, it’s time to buckle down and continue working on my professional and personal goals. What’s on my radar? Reaching more clients & exploring more of the country. On that note, here are some fun reads (particularly if you’re heading on a road trip soon or if you are feeling like you’re in a slump, professionally).

  1. Take some tips from Bethenny Frankel’s success story… it’s time to pitch your own story!
  2. Here’s how to party productively…it’s all about (net)working the floor.
  3.  Whether you’re just having a bad day, or you’re feeling upset by your job here’s a way to turn that frown upside down
  4. A must-read if you plan on hitting the road with your other half
  5. …or if you plan on hitting the road by yourself

5 Things…I’m loving from Dot & Bo

5 Things…I’m Loving from Dot & Bo

     I may or may not be jumping up and down right now. I am constantly on the search for clothing and home decor that is simple, chic & well-priced – so when I find a site like Dot & Bo, I become extremely excited (and I frequently do quite a happy dance).

     This site literally has it all- from furniture to decor to a very inspirational blog- and it’s all done very well. I’ve been searching for pieces to spruce up our living room, and oh my what a good time I had browsing Dot & Bo’s site! The pieces I found are well-priced and I have a feeling they’d do the trick in updating our living room to the nautical-chic Hamptons style room I’ve been hoping it’ll be (one day).


Sunshine Mirror, reduced to $89.99 ($129 originally)


Traversing the Atlantic Art Print, $15.99


Nile Fork Woven Baskets in a set of 3, reduced to $129.99 ($145 originally)


Sound Wave Ombre Area Rug in Blue and White – price varies based on size


Shell Out Crab Figurine, $28.99 ($43 originally)

Mexicali Salad

Super Simple Mexicali Salad


There is nothing that I love more than assembling salads on a Sunday to get ready for the week. This weekend I felt inspired by the fresh corn that was included in our weekly organic produce delivery. I absolutely LOVE corn…except for the fact that without fail, I almost always end up with it stuck between by teeth (yuck!). I think it’s fair to say it’s one of the least sexy foods to eat…except when it is in a salad!

I decided that a Mexicali salad was the perfect way to use some of this super sweet, super yummy corn and some other ingredients I had lying around our kitchen. It is super easy to make and to assemble.


  • Approximately 1 head of lettuce, preferably romaine
  • 2 ears of corn, fully cooked
  • 2 ripe avocados, diced
  • 1 can of black beans, rinsed (I typically use Goya)
  • 1 jar of salsa (I swear by Green Mountain Gringo but any will do!)
  • Optional: two seasoned chicken breasts, sliced- Cayenne Chicken recipe to follow soon!

1. First, I rinsed off the organic romaine (also included in the delivery from the farm..so crispy and fresh!) I’ll give it a good rinse before lying it between two dish towels to dry off. I only tear off what I know I’m going to eat…sometimes I like small side salads, or sometimes I’ll make a big bowl of salad as an entree.

DSC_23752. After cooking the corn, I wait for it to cool off before using a sharp straight-edged knife to cut off the corn kernels. I love this part- no more worrying about the un-sexiness of eating corn after this step! The corn will usually come off in strips, as shown below, but it is super easy to break it up. For five days worth of salads, two ears of corn will do the trick.


3.  It’s avocado time! Rather than adding cheese to my salad, which makes a Mexicali salad even more delightful, I add in avocado for some healthy fat. Avocado will brown quickly and nobody wants to eat browned avocado…so after dicing the avocado up I marinate it in the juice from one lime to preserve the bright green color. Since I’m an avocado lover, I use two for a week’s worth of salads.


4. Next up are the beans. I add black beans for extra protein (and fiber, too). I always empty a can of beans into a colander and rinse them thoroughly before adding to my salad. One can will do just fine!


5.  Although it may seem a bit bare, I personally love using salsa as the “dressing” for this Mexicali salad (to be put on just before eating- otherwise the bottom parts of the salad will get soggy). It’s a super healthy, super flavorful alternative. In addition, for a non-vegan version of this salad, I’ll slice some Cayenne Chicken (recipe to come soon!) to put on top for even more protein and a little extra spice. Now comes the fun part…putting it all together! I layer the heaviest parts of the salad on the bottom, that way the lettuce stays crisp when I store it in my glass Frigoverre containers. The order I usually use is: beans, chicken, avocado, corn and then lettuce.

Cheers to the Weekend!

Cheers to the Weekend!


  1. Dear Kate, I love you. There are new arrivals at Kate Spade, and I have to say that they have me super-pumped for fall… these boots (how darling with that bow, and super chic in black?!), this bag– which is a bit of a splurge, but is super functional for every season, this blouse, because I can never resist silk – or bows
  2. To Do, Or To Do-nut? These donuts are a to-do! Adding this mint chocolate chip donut recipe by one of my fave bloggers, Christina Lane, to the “must try” list
  3. When in doubt…just sleep on it. According to this article, you won’t regret leaving the decision for tomorrow.
  4. I’m going ga-ga for gold, all day e’ry day. So excited to browse one of my other fave bloggers, Amanda Gluck’s, loot of golden favorites here
  5. I have an obsession with pillow shams and with towels…these Anthropologie new Stone Carving towels are no exception!