5 Things…To Take Note Of


1. I’m the first to admit I’m such a klutz…thankfully, if I ever drop my iPhone in Pierre’s water bowl again there’s a simple solution to save the day

2. One thing I love more than chocolate: goals. <-This tool is excellent.

3. Call me honey, call me sugar….but please don’t call me pumpkin [spice].

4. Started shopping for holiday apparel… J.Crew Factory has the hook-up: option a (black and blue and gorgeous all over), option b (traditional lumber Jackie gone to a holiday office party), and option c (super simple – to be worn with a fitted ruffly silk blouse)

5. I stumbled upon this awesome travel site...what a fun idea!


5 Things…To Take Note Of:


  1. Autumn means it’s time for duck boots! I’m loving these and these and these (I have a similar pair from last year that I wore at least twice a week!) Not only are they great for rain and snow, but they’re super toasty.
  2. A great rainy day DIY activity…I’ll admit, even though some people go ga-ga for tassels I have never really understood the craze around them. This ottoman is just too darling, though.
  3. I’ve been trying to get friends together for a camping trip, but (shamefully) I’ve never gone camping anyplace other than my own backyard. Thankfully, this article from The Everygirl simplifies the planning process.
  4. Halloween is just over a month away, and I still have no idea what to be…I’ll be looking through this slideshow & brainstorming costumes this weekend!
  5. One of my favorite sites for gifts- Mixbook.com– is currently have a Friends & Family sale for 40% off!

5 Things…to Take Note Of:

IMG_7872Is it just me, or did these first two weeks of September fly by? I remember being shocked that August was coming to an end and that September was around the corner- I suppose you could say that the chill in the air brought my attention to the fact that the official beginning of fall is just days away!

Now that the chaos of a very social summer is out of the way, it’s time to buckle down and continue working on my professional and personal goals. What’s on my radar? Reaching more clients & exploring more of the country. On that note, here are some fun reads (particularly if you’re heading on a road trip soon or if you are feeling like you’re in a slump, professionally).

  1. Take some tips from Bethenny Frankel’s success story… it’s time to pitch your own story!
  2. Here’s how to party productively…it’s all about (net)working the floor.
  3. ¬†Whether you’re just having a bad day, or you’re feeling upset by your job here’s a way to turn that frown upside down
  4. A must-read if you plan on hitting the road with your other half
  5. …or if you plan on hitting the road by yourself

5 Things…to Keep in Mind When Traveling with Only a Carry-On

The last couple weeks, I’ve been lusting for a weekend getaway- there are just so many reasons why the summer is an ideal time to pack your bags, hop in a car (or on a train, or on a boat…) and say “Adios!” After all, the weather is ideal in many places (Maine? Alaska? Montana? Vermont?), many people are in a vacation frame of mind anyway, etc. But also…why not? Let’s pack our bags and GO!

As I’ve become more experienced with traveling, I’ve realized that it simplifies things so much when I decide to travel with only a carry-on bag. Sure, it’s not always possible or easy for that matter but paring down to only a carry-on gives me peace of mind. Caution: this is probably not the best idea for someone who buys lots of souvenirs when on vacay!

Here are some things I keep in mind whenever I travel with only a carry-on:


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